Under a Cobalt Sky

The deck is covered in confetti – miniscule petals of pink and white are scattered across the boards and the corner seat where I sit sipping my first coffee of the morning. A pigeon coos from the large nest in the willow tree and birdsong reverberates all around me. Bank holiday weekend and all isContinue reading “Under a Cobalt Sky”

Those Darling Buds of May

The first day of May was heralded with birdsong and bright, bright sunshine. After a month of heat and cold, scorching days and downpours, April had left the building. She slipped away with her dappled raincoat under her arm without a backwards glance. The swallows were waiting for her passage before once more taking upContinue reading “Those Darling Buds of May”

Mindful Musings

Happiness is a cup of herbal tea on a wooden bench beneath an overhanging rowan branch. It’s the slight breeze rippling down the hill that kisses the back of my neck. It’s in the quiet country road and the cyclist who passes the gate in his own private world. It’s in the stretch of theContinue reading “Mindful Musings”

Here, Hare, Here – March Arrives and it’s about time.

So, March – it’s about bloody time. I thought we’d never see the back of February! And I’m not talking about the WiHM promotion – that was great, loved every minute of it. No, I’m talking about all those grey, miserable days, when it was hard to tell the difference between twilight and morning. TheContinue reading “Here, Hare, Here – March Arrives and it’s about time.”

Restless Sleep, Moon-Dogs and Herbal Tea

Tossing and turning at 3 a.m. The bed is warm, not cosy-warm but fever-warm. The duvet holds me down, traps me as I toss about. And thoughts are black shadows at the edge of my dreaming – repeating as mantras, chanting and chanting until a migraine lurks on the periphery. Forced out of bed, IContinue reading “Restless Sleep, Moon-Dogs and Herbal Tea”

A Bouquet of Oak Leaves – Autumnal walks

    It was very quiet on the road, barely a car passed. The sun shimmered through the trees and cows sunned themselves in the pasture, barely acknowledging my passage, their tails lazily flicking flies. The perfect autumn day, the perfect Sunday morning. Again, I took advantage of the slumbering teenagers and left in blissfulContinue reading “A Bouquet of Oak Leaves – Autumnal walks”

Gratitude – Keeping it real

  Every night I go to bed, I have this little routine. It’s not an annoying routine, like the OCD type ritual of checking under the bed for monsters (used to do this, but it’s pointless – they’re all in my head 😉 ) or re-locking the front door a million times. I slip betweenContinue reading “Gratitude – Keeping it real”

Where’s Me Jumper? – The true Irish Summer returns

  I hate to say it but I believe the true Irish Summer has arrived – flashback to open fires in July and the continual wearing of the favourite fleece, or Aran jumper on holidays. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a huge fan of the heat wave, well, it’s not that I don’tContinue reading “Where’s Me Jumper? – The true Irish Summer returns”