Surfboards and Baggy Swimsuits

Two day’s holiday sounds like an oxymoron – how can you call it a holiday when it’s only a couple of days? So, really it was a two day break that felt like a holiday. It felt like a holiday to me. The previous few weeks consisted of endless ferrying of the girls to theirContinue reading “Surfboards and Baggy Swimsuits”

The Winter of my Content – Backlogs, Catching Up and Baby Joy

 Yes, it’s been a while hasn’t it?  Probably the longest between blog posts. Writing is funny like that. Nothing for ages and then a sudden burst of creativity, followed by a flurry of posts, poems, and story ideas. It’s a crazy, wonderful process. Which is my way of warning you of the possibility of multipleContinue reading “The Winter of my Content – Backlogs, Catching Up and Baby Joy”

Thoughts of My Father – for the day that’s in it

My Dad loves the sun, he basks in the heat like a great cat and we laugh when we see how ‘heavy with brown‘ as he likes to say, he has become. Which is why it comes as no surprise that he now spends six months in the south of Spain each year. He travelsContinue reading “Thoughts of My Father – for the day that’s in it”

Eating My Own Weight in Chocolate and Easter Ramblings

First off – Happy Easter my good people. I hope wherever you are in the world – and please do comment with your location –  I hope that you are enjoying a day of family, great food and of course, the fruits of the cocoa bean. Today began with the ghost of a hangover. IContinue reading “Eating My Own Weight in Chocolate and Easter Ramblings”

Snowed In – Please send supplies (wine and chocolate)

It started on Tuesday. Great fat flakes that fell with abandon until the sky was a whirl of white and the stars disappeared. It was already below freezing when I pulled into the supermarket car park. Wrapping the scarf around my neck, I hastened inside. A storm was forecast and I thought it prudent toContinue reading “Snowed In – Please send supplies (wine and chocolate)”