Midsummer Magic – Fire rituals and Faeries

Tonight is Midsummer’s Night. The midpoint of the year, the longest day when summer reigns supreme and the countryside is lush and fecund. The hedgerows are full of singing birds, heavy with overhanging elderflower heads and honesuckle. Tiny nuts are growing on the hazel and the rowan has exchanged its pink confetti for little greenContinue reading “Midsummer Magic – Fire rituals and Faeries”

The Winter of my Content – Backlogs, Catching Up and Baby Joy

 Yes, it’s been a while hasn’t it?  Probably the longest between blog posts. Writing is funny like that. Nothing for ages and then a sudden burst of creativity, followed by a flurry of posts, poems, and story ideas. It’s a crazy, wonderful process. Which is my way of warning you of the possibility of multipleContinue reading “The Winter of my Content – Backlogs, Catching Up and Baby Joy”

Ode to May – Fare thee well you lovely month

I’m loath to say goodbye to May. It’s been a treasure of a month. I always feel this way and if you look back in the archives, you will no doubt find a post written in a similar vein from years past. I always feel that I must write something in honour of this mostContinue reading “Ode to May – Fare thee well you lovely month”