The Gift of a Rainy Saturday

It’s two days past Hallowe’en. The rain drips from the eves, soggy orange and brown leaves litter the drive and fill up the gutters, and the smell of kerosene wafts from my hands to my nose. I’ve just spent the last half hour filling my outside tank with enough heating fuel to keep the boilerContinue reading “The Gift of a Rainy Saturday”

On Not Writing

Blog posts are hard to come by these days. Like a toothache, the idea of writing niggles away at me, occasionally rising to a mixed crescendo of pain and irritation before easing and then disappearing again. I want to sit down and write, I feel the urge, the desire but I suppress the words –Continue reading “On Not Writing”

Parallel Universes and Dr Who

Time travel has always been a source of fascination to me. I grew up on Dr Who and of course, just by mentioning my Doctors; Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee, I realize I’m giving a nod to my advancing years. Saturday nights meant eating buttered crumpets in pyjamas, glued to the television screen watching rubberContinue reading “Parallel Universes and Dr Who”

Mindful Musings

Happiness is a cup of herbal tea on a wooden bench beneath an overhanging rowan branch. It’s the slight breeze rippling down the hill that kisses the back of my neck. It’s in the quiet country road and the cyclist who passes the gate in his own private world. It’s in the stretch of theContinue reading “Mindful Musings”

On Falling Down…And getting up again

Today I’m talking about falling down and getting up again. Multiple times. Life’s a bitch and then you die, they say. Life really can be the most obnoxious, foul-mouthed party guest you never invited, she can abuse you and talk about you behind your back and knock you off your shaky pedestal before slamming theContinue reading “On Falling Down…And getting up again”

A Life Less Ordinary – Thoughts on International Women’s Day

That year rolled around faster than ever. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was ruminating about my life and trying to add up my existence and relate it somehow to the celebration of being a woman. This year, I added another female role to my repertoire, that of grandmother, or Nanny, to beContinue reading “A Life Less Ordinary – Thoughts on International Women’s Day”

Here, Hare, Here – March Arrives and it’s about time.

So, March – it’s about bloody time. I thought we’d never see the back of February! And I’m not talking about the WiHM promotion – that was great, loved every minute of it. No, I’m talking about all those grey, miserable days, when it was hard to tell the difference between twilight and morning. TheContinue reading “Here, Hare, Here – March Arrives and it’s about time.”