Out With the Old Bed & in With the New

I’m going to Kilkenny on Tuesday to buy a bed. It’s not a new bed, it’s an antique iron frame. I’m quite excited about this trip, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for an age, three years in fact – not the trip to Kilkenny, I go there quite often as it’s not far.Continue reading “Out With the Old Bed & in With the New”

Magical Midwinter

December, the final month. Yule. Christmas and the holiday season. Dark nights and icy mornings. Frost bitten fingers and red noses. Grass that crunches underfoot and trees etched in stark relief against startling bright sunsets. A beautiful month, the red of the holly berry against the shining, moist leaves, the bejewelled fallen leaves on theContinue reading “Magical Midwinter”

The Gift of a Rainy Saturday

It’s two days past Hallowe’en. The rain drips from the eves, soggy orange and brown leaves litter the drive and fill up the gutters, and the smell of kerosene wafts from my hands to my nose. I’ve just spent the last half hour filling my outside tank with enough heating fuel to keep the boilerContinue reading “The Gift of a Rainy Saturday”

Surfboards and Baggy Swimsuits

Two day’s holiday sounds like an oxymoron – how can you call it a holiday when it’s only a couple of days? So, really it was a two day break that felt like a holiday. It felt like a holiday to me. The previous few weeks consisted of endless ferrying of the girls to theirContinue reading “Surfboards and Baggy Swimsuits”

Midsummer Magic – Fire rituals and Faeries

Tonight is Midsummer’s Night. The midpoint of the year, the longest day when summer reigns supreme and the countryside is lush and fecund. The hedgerows are full of singing birds, heavy with overhanging elderflower heads and honesuckle. Tiny nuts are growing on the hazel and the rowan has exchanged its pink confetti for little greenContinue reading “Midsummer Magic – Fire rituals and Faeries”

Under a Cobalt Sky

The deck is covered in confetti – miniscule petals of pink and white are scattered across the boards and the corner seat where I sit sipping my first coffee of the morning. A pigeon coos from the large nest in the willow tree and birdsong reverberates all around me. Bank holiday weekend and all isContinue reading “Under a Cobalt Sky”

Parallel Universes and Dr Who

Time travel has always been a source of fascination to me. I grew up on Dr Who and of course, just by mentioning my Doctors; Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee, I realize I’m giving a nod to my advancing years. Saturday nights meant eating buttered crumpets in pyjamas, glued to the television screen watching rubberContinue reading “Parallel Universes and Dr Who”