A Gentle Unspooling

Today I woke to birdsong, the sunlight filtering through the curtains, feeling alive and awake for the first time in weeks. Seems as if I’ve been living in the shadow for some time, like the newly undead . Light patches of happiness and awareness creep in periodically – time with my children, a trip toContinue reading “A Gentle Unspooling”

Channelling My Inner Magpie

I am a magpie. A collector of pretty things, shiny objects, keepsakes and knick-knacks. Pieces that hold meaning, quirky gems that caught my eye on my travels; at the beach, in the forest, on the road. The beautiful and unique detritus of Mother Nature. Beside my bed is a falcon feather, it floated on theContinue reading “Channelling My Inner Magpie”

New Year’s Musings – Light at the end of a Lockdown Year

It’s bloody cold, the tips of my fingers red where they stick out of my fingerless mittens. The beanie pulled down over my ears provides scant warmth from the bite of the wind. As I walk across the deck it crunches, frosted and slippy. The banister pale with ice, glints in the moonlight. The lawnContinue reading “New Year’s Musings – Light at the end of a Lockdown Year”

Lost Gloves and the Airing Cupboard From Hell

I thought it would be cold on my walk and so, I brought gloves. The memory of my near frost bitten digits; a result of a recent glove-less ramble ever present in my mind. When I say I brought gloves, well, they were fingerless mittens. Black and old, still cool in my head, reminiscent ofContinue reading “Lost Gloves and the Airing Cupboard From Hell”

Who Buries a Goldfish?

The goldfish died last week. Had I fed him recently? Yes, I remembered a hurried shake of flakes across the surface of the water. He’d been up at the top, mouth open like a little hoover. Little orange fish living out his existence in a grimy tank in the corner of my kitchen, swimming throughContinue reading “Who Buries a Goldfish?”

Sun-dappled Meanderings

I found myself walking in Autumn today. The last week’s heat and bright sunshine had fooled me. It spoke of the beach and hedonistic splashing, of sitting out on the deck with a cold beer in hand and a novel. Glorious, sun-dappled mornings of perfect walking, with ne’er a raindrop in sight. And although myContinue reading “Sun-dappled Meanderings”

I Bid Farewell to the Waves – Part 3, Vitamin Sea

It was like any night I had spent away before, this time in a charming seaside bed and breakfast, the only glaring sign of the times we lived in was how on admittance, I was directed to make use of the hand sanitizer on the wall. I applied it liberally, carefully rubbing it into myContinue reading “I Bid Farewell to the Waves – Part 3, Vitamin Sea”

Sunday Morning, 8.15 a.m. – (Vitamin Sea, Part 2)

The sea wasn’t cold. Not Atlantic, icy cold. I didn’t require my limbs to get numb in order for me to swim, as has often been the case. A lovely immersion. I waded out, the tide was fully in, lapping lazily against the shore of smooth, pebble free sand, the perfect, demerara soft beach. IContinue reading “Sunday Morning, 8.15 a.m. – (Vitamin Sea, Part 2)”