Here, Hare, Here – March Arrives and it’s about time.

So, March – it’s about bloody time. I thought we’d never see the back of February! And I’m not talking about the WiHM promotion – that was great, loved every minute of it. No, I’m talking about all those grey, miserable days, when it was hard to tell the difference between twilight and morning. The rain, the cold, the utter depressing existence of awaking under constant cloudcover, a never ending mushroom cloud of ‘let’s go back to bed‘ weather. Yeah, okay, we were gifted a few nice days at the end but really, February? Was that the best you could do?

Today, I awoke to sunshine. I actually went for a walk, miracle of miracles and it felt like something out of a Disney movie, the birds were all in full voice, the leaves all out on the trees, catkins hanging on the branches, daffodils bobbing their head along the side of the road. Over the hedge I spotted a hare, nibbling grass before it tore off across the field, lanky brown blur at speed. I love to see them. There’s something of the otherworld about them, the way they leap and dance, the way they nonchalantly run, stop, run, up my drive in the springtime pausing to nibble at the long grass of the lawn. As big as cats and as unconcerned.

Soon they will be fighting in the field across the road, boxing each other’s little furry heads off. All long limbs. agile jumps and starts. As I type, I look across at the couch and catch a glimpse of the cat, stretched out across one of the fancier cushions. Lazy and relaxed, hard to believe she transforms into the cold-blooded killer who leaves disembowelled rodent remains on the doorstep. Hardly recognisable as the dark terror of the hedge or so she must seem to the tiny creatures living there.

I am surrounded by nature, and it’s a good time to live in the country, rain be damned. Welcome back, March, may your quiet entrance herald a well-looked for change. I look forward to longer evenings, nature walks, the return of the sparrows and being healthier and happier. Adios, February, don’t darken our door again, well, until next year that is.

Published by cookehogan

Writer and Poet living in beautiful Laois, Ireland. I have recently published a book on Amazon for Kindle called The Lights Went Out and Other Stories; a collection of flash, short and longer fiction consisting of humerous, poignant and supernatural tales. I am currently editing a novel - Martha's Cottage and writing a second novel, a horror, as yet untitled When not scribbling or with my head in a book I am addicted to GoT and the Walking Dead. My ambition in life (apart from somehow getting everyone in the known universe to read my books) is to play a zombie in a George A Romero production.

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