Welcome to Women in Horror Month 2019 – Introducing Author of Dark Fiction and Romance, Mary Bradford.

It’s our last week of Women in Horror Month 2019 and what a month it’s been. I’ve been exceedingly lucky to have so many talented writers grace Unusual Fiction with their presence. Today, I am delighted to welcome author of horror fiction and romance, Mary Bradford.

Mary Bradford is an Irish published author of two novels, My Husband’s Sin and Don’t Call Me Mum, with digital publishers Tirgearr, both part of the Lacey Taylor Story. At present, Mary is writing her third novel, Cregane Court. She has also written in adult romance (One Night in Barcelona, digital publishers, Tirgearr) and western genres, (Destiny, and The Runaway, self-published). 

As a mother whose family are raised, her writing reflects family relationships, not only the good but also the difficulties and hardships that families endure. In a world where the family unit is forever changing, there is always an interest in how the neighbours live their lives, a seeking of “we’re doing better than those down the road” attitude.  

Her short stories have been both long and short listed and placed in competitions and widely accepted in many Irish and international publications. She dabbles in playwriting and has seen her work performed and in rehearsed readings.

She is actively seeking an agent for representation in furthering her books and writing.

Question 1.

Which horror genre do you written in?

I have only dabbled with horror in the past with this short story as I don’t normally write in this genre. Having said that, I did enjoy writing it and hope to write other stories in this genre in the future. I am two thirds through writing a novel based on the Maynooth legend, it is a good V evil story.

Question 2.

Your favourite horror author and the book you like best by this author?

I enjoy Stephen King and one of my favourites is Mr. Mercedes.

Question 3.

Name a character in film, book or legend that you wish you had created in your fiction.

Oh I would have loved to have written Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice.

Question 4.

What scares you?

Good question! I really can’t say, I cannot recall the last time I’ve been scared. I wouldn’t be a lover of mice or rats but since I don’t come across them that often, it’s not a problem. Heights I can cope with. Clowns don’t bother me. I guess being crept up on but would make me scream.

Question 5.

What have you got in the pipeline?

At present I am finishing a trilogy in women’s fiction and also a stand-alone novel. I never know from one story to the next what I will write or what genre either!

Find out more about Mary Bradford’s books and her work:

Website: https://marytbradford.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaryTBradfordAuthor/

Link for Roll Up, Roll up https://www.amazon.co.uk/Roll-Up-Mary-Bradford

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Writer and Poet living in beautiful Laois, Ireland. I have recently published a book on Amazon for Kindle called The Lights Went Out and Other Stories; a collection of flash, short and longer fiction consisting of humerous, poignant and supernatural tales. I am currently editing a novel - Martha's Cottage and writing a second novel, a horror, as yet untitled When not scribbling or with my head in a book I am addicted to GoT and the Walking Dead. My ambition in life (apart from somehow getting everyone in the known universe to read my books) is to play a zombie in a George A Romero production.

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