Welcome to Women in Horror Month 2019 – Introducing Author of Supernatural Horror and Paranormal Romance, Suzi Albracht.

Welcome to another day of supernatural fun at WiHM 2019 – the horror month that keeps on giving. In the hot seat today we have author of supernatural horror and paranormal romance, Suzi Albracht.

Suzi Albracht’s biography … The Queen of Scream

I always feel a little naked when asked to talk about myself. So let me put something on first. Ahhhh, that’s better. Well, I live near Annapolis, Maryland in a town called Bowie. That places me halfway between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD.  My horror books take place in these metro areas so anyone who lives here will recognize some of the locations.

I spend most of my youth dividing my time between Moline, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona. In my early twenties, I married a man who became a Secret Service Agent. We eventually moved to New Jersey and then on to Maryland. We divorced (thank you, God) and later, I met my true love, Tim. We’ve been together for fifteen years. Life is good, and I am happy.

I’ve had many interesting things happen to me along my life’s path. The first President Bush gave me a shoulder/back rub when I was visiting the compound in Maine one hot August in the 80s. I went to church with Princess Diana once (she was stunning, Charles was a lot shorter than I thought he would be). I’ve been to Las Vegas to play pool in the APA Championship twice. I won’t share all of my adventures. Where would the mystery be if I expose all?

I love to write supernatural horror thrillers and paranormal romance/ghost novels with intense personal relationships between characters. It is my life’s blood and what gets me excited. The only thing I hate about writing is marketing. But I have become a Tweeter Supreme. After all, I am called The Queen of Scream, so I must get my books out there somehow. I started reading earlier in life than most of my friends and spent many hours hidden in closets and under beds, sneaking in just another ten minutes of whatever book I was reading. As soon as I was old enough, my mother would send me to the library to pick up books for her. This delighted me because it opened up a whole new world of books not available in school. 

I read everything I could get my hands on but was drawn to sci-fi, horror, and thrillers. As I matured, I would say my main influences became Stephen King, Dean Koontz and William Faulkner. My writing definitely reflects those influences. 

Question 1.

Which horror genre do you write in?

I write Supernatural Horror Crime Thrillers. I love the art of thrilling someone to their core using psychological means. My novels include intense personal relationships between characters. My characters have full, normal lives that get twisted into something else through no fault of their own. If a character finds himself in pursuit of a dangerous madman with connections to the dark underworld, I want my readers to feel his pain, his joy, his fear… with every right or wrong turn he takes along the way. I even give my bad guys complicated lives where they have those same feelings for other reasons.

I also write paranormal romance/ghost stories because I have always been fascinated by the possibility of life after death. And I wonder what happens when someone dies, but they have unfinished business.

Question 2.

Why do you write horror? Tell us about your horror journey?

I would say I discovered horror at my mother’s knee. She was a reader of horror and true crime magazines. She also loved drive-in movies. When I was two years old, she began to take me to the drive in. Of course, her choice of movies was horror, and she probably thought I would curl up in the back of the station wagon and sleep through the movie, but I didn’t.

I watched every bit of that movie. I was enthralled with the people screaming and the monsters chasing them. After that, we went to the movies often. My brothers and sisters didn’t share our thirst for horror movies, so they brought toys and slept in the back while I sat up front.

My next big thing was when I got old enough to walk to the library by myself to pick up books for my mother. I always spend extra time there reading books that were way beyond my years. My love for horror grew.

After that the floodgates were open, I was reading and writing horror as much as I could. I don’t have those stories anymore and wish I did.

Today, I write supernatural horror crime thrillers. None of my novels have storylines like those old movies I used to watch, but the underlying fear and terror is there all the same. My characters are richer, my bad guys more complicated, and my worlds more layered.

Question 3.

What scares you?

To be honest, I am more afraid of everyday people than the boogyman in the closet, and that is reflected in my novels. When I see photos of serial kills who look like guys you’d like to date, I cringe because they could be out there meeting friends of mine or shopping where I shop.

I feel that fear is what makes my books so good. In fact, in my books, every character is just like us. They have jobs, dreams, hopes. My bad guys have everyday weaknesses. For instance, one of my bad guys likes tiny fluffy dogs. He can go from cruelly killing a man to being upset because someone tied their dog to a tree on the front lawn. Personally, I think it is traits like that that make a bad guy even scarier.

Question 4.

What have you got in the pipeline?

I have two books in progress. One is Book 4 of The Devil’s Due Collection, The Reluctant Angel of Death. Angel is exciting to write because the main character is in a situation she thought she could handle but soon finds out she can’t. And now she has met a new man, the one she has dreamed of all her life. But she can’t have a relationship with him because of her secret other life.

The other is Book 3 of An OBX Haunting series, The Ghost Fixer. It is the continuing story of Jordan Snow, a newbie ghost, and his friends in the OBX. Jordan is trying to make the most of his ghost life but what he really wants is to somehow reconnect with his alive wife and their soon-to-be child. Along the way, he has somehow become the guy who will fix things for the ghost world of the OBX.

Okay, I lied. I have others in the works as well, but I am trying to ignore them as best I can until I have finished these two.

Question 5.

Please, include a paragraph of your work – your favorite passage or a few lines from a work in progress.

This is from Death Most Wicked, Book 1 of The Devil’s Due Collection:

And then he felt it… a twitching, squiggly sensation under his eyelid. Buzz leaned closer to the mirror to inspect the twitch. He could see the black hairs of a tiny black, squirming thing peeking out. He fumbled through the vanity drawers, grasping for anything that could grab hold of it. His fingers latched onto a pair of needle nose tweezers.

Jesus, let them do the job.

Buzz pried his eyelid open and jammed the needle nose tweezers around the thing’s tail. He yanked hard, sweat rolling down his forehead, blinding him. He wrenched and twisted until the thing released its pincers.

He held the tweezers up to the light to inspect it. The hideous mutation squirmed and snapped at him.

Buzz threw the monstrosity in the toilet and flushed, watching it swirl around the drain.

Then a weird sensation on his tongue grabbed his attention. He opened his mouth wide and tried to examine his teeth and tongue.

Oh shit, oh shit

Buzz felt a crawling tickle. Something was caught in the membranes of his throat. Jamming two fingers down his throat, he forced himself to vomit. He puked until his insides felt like they might come up through his chest.

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